Investment Funds

Regulation procedures differ under the Act based on the type of fund under consideration: i.e. Private fund, Professional Class A and Professional Class B investment funds, institutional, administered, and standard.​​


Supervision of banks and deposit companies involves regular off-site and on-site visits. The Authority assesses each deposit-taking business using a risk evaluation model and, generally, institutions where risks are high or increasing can expect a higher incidence of review.

Fund Supply

The Fund Supply Act 2017 (“the Act”) provides the statutory basis for regulating funds to worldwide. The Act deals with the establishment, operation and regulation of crypto funds, crypto assets, and holding funds and is intended to protect the global entrepreneurs and business owners.

You can find out the validity of license with details.

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To start a business entities, you must need a regulatory license.

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If you have any issue with a business or company, do not hesitate to make a complaint 

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If you want to know about any specific company or business, we can help.

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To verify a firm that are regulated under UCPB


The UCP has produced the series of information to provide a general overview of investing and investments.

Segregated Fund Security

Segregated funds provide a significant guarantee and protect 100% of your investments. This is must be regulated under UCP’s framework that you choose business or company to make a deal with.

Consumer Resource

Wherever you are on your financial journey, you can prepare yourself to make informed financial decisions with these resources.

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